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Steven J. Schafer,  Chairman

As an accomplished Real Estate Developer/ investor and land assemblage specialist, Steven J. Schafer applies nearly three decades of broad experience and proven skills in residential, commercial and industrial development. Success as a builder of more than 2,000 homes in eight Metro Detroit communities supported a transition to Retail mixed-use complexes and showcase projects serving manufacturers, distributors, international shippers and other industries nationwide.

By aligning a strategic vision with real estate cycles and economic trends, Schafer grew from a local subdivision developer to leader of an expanding enterprise with a Southeast regional office and five-state presence. He sold the residential operation to a national firm in the late 1990s, an example of farsighted timing.

The company founder began as a licensed builder, earned a Master Builder designation and remains actively engaged in acquiring parcels for major developments. Schafer has developed more than 15 million square feet of commercial space, including two projects exceeding 3 million square feet each.

In addition to closing deals, his strengths include envisioning best-use applications to maximize land value and enlisting support for redevelopment proposals that benefit communities. This can involve showing municipal leaders and neighbors how brownfield reclamation creates tax revenue and employment through productive renewal of abandoned properties.

Relationships based on commitment, trust and reliability form the foundation of Steve Schafer’s approach, whether at corporate conference rooms, public hearings or across a kitchen table. “It’s important to get personal rapport, and I have a good track record of assembling large tracts of land,” says the executive who has personally delivered turkey dinners to prospective property owners for Thanksgiving. That’s how a Master Builder works – piece by well-crafted piece.