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Corporate Strategy

Schafer Development is a high performance, entrepreneurial, well financed development firm. Our strategy is to identify real estate opportunities where we can add substantial value through a variety of techniques in which we have particular expertise.

Our techniques include working along side of municipal officials to develop unique or optimum uses for particular parcels of land. We produce ground up development and re-development opportunities that benefit that municipality and result in enhanced use of the property. Our business philosophy and track record demonstrate that Schafer Development creates value and enhances communities.

Additionally, Schafer Development applies an integrated approach to the development process including detailed site planning, engineering and market analysis. This approach is conducted by in-house talent and the best of outside consultants. We employ seasoned engineers and business managers with expertise in a variety of disciplines including roadway and utility installation as well as vertical construction. Our executives contract with and manage leading consultants such as land planners, geotechnical and traffic engineers, accountants and lawyers in each particular market.

To further enhance our ability to acquire, plan, and execute our projects, we utilize internal funds combined with strategic partnership investments. This enables us to move quickly and with confidence.

Drawing on these techniques, Schafer Development acquires land, land planning, establishes budgets, supervises construction, markets, leases, and manages its properties.

The net result of the above strategy is a positive impact for all stakeholders. Projects are recognized by municipalities, users, tenants, financial partners and other professionals as the finest real estate developments produced in each particular marketplace.